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We’re a digital marketing agency based in Saskatchewan with one goal: to make your web presence better!

Marsh Digital knows their stuff. Contact them for help getting the most out of your digital campaigns.”


Digital Marketing Solutions

Not sure where to start? Contact us for a consultation and conversation about how you can start increasing web traffic and making your website work better for you and your customers.

Resources for Web Designers and Agencies

We make beautiful websites, but what about everything else in between? We help web designers and agencies execute digital marketing strategies.

What We Can Do For You

Marsh Digital offers full consultations on how to drive organic traffic to your website by optimizing how these search engines index and reference your website. We can teach you exactly how to bring this organic traffic to your website so you can get more conversions and interaction.

Search Engine

Being ranked low on Google for keywords relevant to your business can bring your website traffic to a halt. We offer SEO reporting and content creation to get you ranking higher.


Be seen online. We create and maintain effective advertising campaigns across Google, Youtube and Social Media.

Social Media

You’re too busy running a business to update your socials, but that’s where your customers are. Let us handle that so you can get back to what you need to do.


Get live reporting of your website health and traffic sourced from multiple sources. Customized reports can include social media and any other relevant analysis.


People make assumptions on your brand in one-tenth of a second. Make sure you stand out by having a modern, clean and speedy website.


The world has changed, and websites are paramount to your businesses’ success. You need a website that can do that for you. No cookie-cutters allowed.

Who Are We

Marsh Digital is a digital marketing and advertising company experienced in digital advertising and website optimization. With enthusiasm that borders on obsession, we’re dedicated to making your web presence better.

Shaye Ruecker

Digital Marketing Consultant

A keen eye for data and marketing trends is what Shaye attributes to his success. When he’s not geeking out over data, Shaye enjoys geeking out over film and music.

Kenton de Jong

SEO Specialist

Kenton has been working with websites and SEO for over a decade, and was awarded honourable mention by Awwwards in 2019. When he isn’t behind a laptop, he’s an avid taphophile.

Yuna Shepherd

Security Officer / Actor

Though she had a brief stint as an actor, Yuna’s realized security is her number one passion. She’s on guard day and night to keep out intruders. Mostly squirrels.

Oliver Lightfoot

VP of Hoperations

Oliver (or Ollie to his friends) specializes in carrot investment using his masters degree from Rabbit University. Go Longears!

What Others Are Saying

We can talk all day about our services, but here’s what others are saying.

Ryan Haynee

Shaye and his team are experts in the ever changing digital marketing world. They are a joy to work with and can really help bolster any marketing plan.

Derek Robinson

Great crew that knows their stuff and gets results. SEO is critical these days and you will be well served with Marsh.

Paul Burch

Marsh Digital knows their stuff. Contact them for help getting the most out of your digital campaigns.

Subi Vaid

Marsh Digital understands the vital role the internet plays for businesses and they helped me improve every dimension my online presence. From search engine optimization to analytics and measurement, their comprehensive and customized approach will make it easy for you! I highly recommend their services!

Grant Edworthy

Not only are they knowledgeable but the quality of work that they performed impressed me beyond words. I was hesitant to change some things on my own site but I was able to put my trust in what they were doing and it helped us achieve results that I am more than satisfied with.